EPISODE 2: How to build a mailing list if you don't have any readers?

Welcome to the Rage Against the Manuscript podcast. Join me – bestselling indie author Steff Green – as we talk about author websites – learn how to start and how your website might evolve over time.


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In this episode:

  • Why it's okay if your author website isn't perfect. 
  • How my author website has grown from a wedding blog to sell a PDF ebook (remember the days) to a beautifully-designed professional site.
  • Blogs – are they dead? (Hint: yes, yes they are).
  • Website platforms I recommend (and don't recommend).
  • The five essential elements of any author website.
  • What is the purpose of your website? Why do readers seek out your website?
  • Why two bios is a great idea.
  • The biggest mistake I made when creating my author newsletter.
  • A shortcut for getting your site up-and-running if you have a ton of books.

    "I'm a big believer in doing the thing and publishing it, and tweaking it later once people are actually on it. Most author websites are built to be "okay for now" and that's perfectly okay."

    Steff Green

    Author of How to Rock Self-Publishing.

    If you've got a question you want to ask me about self-publishing or writing or building a career as an author, head over to the Rage Against the Manuscript FB group or email me steff@rageagainstthemanuscript.com and I’ll talk about it on a future episode. Happy writing! 


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