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About Steff's Books

Where do you get your ideas?

How come I can't find your book in my favourite store/library?

Can I join your ARC team?

I'm a book blogger/bookstagrammer. Can I get a review copy?

I'm definitely keen to work with more bloggers and bookstagrammers. What you do to support the book community is awesome! Email me with a link to your site/profile and I'll put you on my list.

About Steff's Wonky Eyes

What exactly is wrong with your eyes? Do you have the same eye condition as Mina?

If you're blind, how do you do all the things?

Do you have a guide dog?

Can you read braille?

Yes and no. I'm not a Braille-user. I'm able to read printed text (although I have to hold it pretty close to my face), and because my eye condition is stable, I never needed to learn Braille.


Learning to read braille by touch requires years of training – learning what the dots mean is the easy part. You have to train your fingers to be extra-sensitive and learn to use your brain in a different way.


However, one of my first jobs out of university was as a Braille transcriber. I made books, restaurant menus, conference programs, textbooks, and other documents into braille for blind and low vision New Zealanders. This job required me to learn the Braille code and be able to quickly read it by sight, although I still can't read it by feel. I still remember it today and get excited whenever I see or feel Braille when I'm out and about. 

Common Steffish Questions

Is writing your full-time job?

What do you do when you're not writing?

Where do you live?

Did you study writing at college?

How many cats you do you have?

We have four of the little buggers, and they make life so interesting. There is Socrates – the crazy Tonkinese with a towel fetish who can play fetch like a dog. Eleanor – the slinky Abyssinian who loves to sleep in our bed with her head on the pillow like a person. Lord Nelson – a half-Birman rescue who has wonky eyes just like me and is afraid of his own shadow, and Queen Boudica – Nelson's sister and stripy ghost who isn't a big fan of people...unless they're holding a can of cat food, when they suddenly become her bestest friends.

FAQ for Writers

Do you have any advice for beginning authors?

I've written a book. Will you read it?

Should I self-publish my books, or seek a traditional publishing contract?

I can't answer this question for you. And honestly, I'm probably biased because I've seen great success as an indie author. There are advantages and disadvantages to both paths.


I love being indie because I like being able to publish the stories that excite me, interact directly with my readers, publish super fast, and keep all the control and all the royalties. The main disadvantage is that I have to manage every aspect of my author business myself, and I have to be a bit of a noodle and be okay with waving my hands around and saying, "hey, look at me!"


With a traditional contract, you get to work with a big publisher and an editor with lots of experience, you don't have to find your own cover designer, and you will be able to get your books in bookstores and see reviews in important publications. You still have to do your own marketing, but your publisher will be able to get you into places where indies can't go.


Some genres to better in indie, others do better in trad. It's up to you to do the research and see where you're going to fit and what works for your personality.

Business/Profesh Stuff

I'd love to collaborate with you. Would you be interested?


Hell yes! I'm always excited to hear from writers, illustrators, event organisers, designers, publishers, and other creatives with innovative ideas.


I'm pretty full up with my own projects these days, but I'd love to hear from you and we'll see if we jive. Email me and let's talk.

What rights are available for your books?

Can I interview you for my blog/podcast/publication?

Want Steff at your event?

One of the best parts of my job is meeting readers and fellow authors. I live in New Zealand but I love to travel and I'm available for signings, literary festivals, author workshops, keynotes, and panel discussions.


I've previously been a signing author, keynote speaker, and workshop presenter at Ballgowns and Books Event, The Romance Writers of New Zealand annual conference, National Writers Forum, LitCrawl, and the Canberra Women's Writers Festival. Contact me at to discuss your event.


Find out more about my events and workshops for authors at Rage Against the Manuscript.

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