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Steffanie Holmes Reading List

This reading list contains a complete list of all my books. It's great if you want to tick off books as you read them, or find suggestions of which series to enjoy next. I've listed books in recommended reading order and included details about the genre and when books are set in the same world.


At the bottom of the page you'll find a button to download the list in a PDF.


Accurate as of 25 September, 2021.


Ongoing Series


Nevermore Bookshop Mysteries

(reverse harem paranormal murder mysteries)

1. A Dead and Stormy Night

2. Of Mice and Murder

3. Pride & Premeditation

3.5. How Heathcliff Stole Christmas (novella)

4. Memoirs of a Garroter

5. Prose & Cons

6. A Novel Way to Die

7. Much Ado About Murder (coming 2021)


Dark Academia

(contemporary dark new adult romantic suspense/menage – set after events in Stonehurst Prep but can be read as a standalone series)

1. Pretty Girls Make Graves (coming Nov 2021)

2. Brutal Boys Cry Blood (coming Dec 2021)



Completed Series


Kings of Miskatonic Prep

(reverse harem dark paranormal 'bully' romance set in Lovecraftian universe).

1. Shunned

2. Initiated

3. Possessed

4. Ignited


Stonehurst Prep

(contemporary dark reverse harem romance. Set before events in Dark Academia, but can be enjoyed as a standalone series)

1. My Stolen Life

2. My Secret Heart

3. My Broken Crown

4. My Savage Empire


Manderley Academy

(dark gothic academy romance with light bully elements)

1. Ghosted

2. Haunted

3. Spirited


Briarwood Witches

(reverse harem paranormal romance, set before events in Crookshollow Gothic Romance)

0.5. The Summer Court (prequel novella – read for free)

1. Earth and Embers

2. Fire and Fable

3. Water and Woe

4. Wind and Whispers

5. Spirit and Sorrow


Crookshollow Gothic Romance

(MF paranormal romance – shifters and ghosts – set after the events in Briarwood Witches. Pairings are listed after each book title.)

1. Art of Cunning (Alex & Ryan)

2. Art of the Hunt (Alex & Ryan)

3. Art of Temptation (Alex & Ryan)

4. The Man in Black (Elinor & Eric)

5. Watcher (Belinda & Cole)

6. Reaper (Belinda & Cole)


Wolves of Crookshollow

(MF werewolf paranormal romance, set after the events in Crookshollow Gothic Romance and containing many of the same characters. Each book can be read as a standalone. Couples listed).

1. Digging the Wolf (Anna & Luke)

2. Writing the Wolf (Rosa & Caleb)

3. Inking the Wolf (Bianca & Robbie)

4. Wedding the Wolf (Willow & Irvine)


As Steff Green / S C Green


For Children

Only Freaks Turn Things Into Bones


Non-fiction for writers

Writing Reverse Harem for Fun & Money

How to Rock Self-Publishing

How to Rock Freelance Writing


The Engine Ward

(dark science fiction/steampunk)

The Sunken

The Gauge War



Chronicles of the Wraith

(Post-apocalyptic urban fantasy)

Petrified City

Ossified State

Fossilised Nation (coming soon)



Court of the Litterfey


Unpublished/Out of Print


Witches of the Woods

1. Witch Hunter

2. Coven


Fallen Sorcery



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