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Before I became a writer, I was an archaeologist. All my life I've had a fascination with people who have gone before, their stories, and their shadows. That fascination seeps into ever story I write. Below you'll find the stories behind the stories – enter if you dare.

The History of Ouija Boards

Harmless toy or DM to the otherworld? Discover why we're so fascinated by the idea of contacting the spirits through a board of numbers and letters.


I delve into the history of Ouija boards and how they've come to be associated with demonic influences and dark forces.

Meet the violinist who sold his soul to the devil

If you've read Manderley Academy, you know Faye's favourite musician is Niccolò Paganini. Born in Genoa, Italy, in 1782, his mother made a pact with the Devil upon his birth - if the Devil made Paganini a great violinist, she would offer up his soul.


Paganini is a heavy metal artist in a violinist's body. You'll love him :) 

Helen Duncan – the infamous fake medium

If you've read the Kings of Miskatonic Prep series, you'll know Hazel based some of her revenge plans on an old medium named Helen Duncan. 


Helen was a real person, and she was the last person in England to be convicted of witchcraft.

Secrets from the mind of Steffanie

In this section, you'll find interesting facts and fun Easter Eggs about my books. Perfect if you want to test yourself with a little Steffanie Holmes trivia!

What is reverse harem romance?

You might have noticed many of my books are labelled 'reverse harem'. What is this crazy word and why is it so awesome?


Let's take a look at where reverse harem started, why authors like me love writing it, and what you as a reader can expect.

5 interesting facts about Nevermore Bookshop

Nevermore Bookshop is my murder mystery series set in a cursed bookshop, with a harem of famous literary men. Every book is filled with little literary and bookish references. Here are a few of the reader favorites.

Learn more about Nevermore Bookshop

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